Eco Carbon Fibre VS Aluminum Heating Panels



The Eco Carbon Fibre © Infrared Yoga Panels

Yoga panels inc. wood framed The Eco Carbon Fibre © infrared Yoga Panels are the highest quality infrared emitters available in the market today. Our patented The Eco Carbon Fibre © Yoga Panels were designed to be used as a direct heating source for the human body. We have spent the last 10 years designing and developing the perfect infrared emitter that would offer the highest amount of health benefits as possible.  The Eco Carbon Fibre © yoga panel is the gold standard in hot infrared yoga.


CheckMark  98 -99% efficiency, This means that almost 100% of the infrared emitted by the heater is in the optimal range of between 6-13 microns with the majority at 9.4.

CheckMark Low emf, the The Eco Carbon Fibre © Yoga Panels have a EMF of between 0-5 mg at 1” from the heater

CheckMark VOC free, there are no harmful materials used in the construction of the panels. The frames are all made from local clear hardwood species and the heater core is a heat pressed carbon fibre weave

CheckMark Energy efficiency, due to the patented heater core the eco carbon emitters run more efficiently and use less energy

CheckMark Reliability, the average life span of our eco carbon emitter is over 80,000 hours

CheckMark Full effectiveness of infrared wavelength up to 10’



Aluminum Framed Heaters


The use of low quality infrared emitters has been very common for heating industrial warehouses, garages and offices. Aluminum yoga panels are actually radiant ceiling panels that were intended to be used in a commercial office application. They have been re purposed and sold as an infrared heating panel for yoga studios. The design of these panels is not to heat the human body at the correct wavelength and temperature but to create a heated office and warehouse space.



XMark  50-60% of the infrared emitted by all of the major suppliers is in the correct wavelength.

XMark  high emf, aluminum panels have been tested and found to emit ratings of 100+ mg 1” from the heater

XMark  Aluminum panels are painted and also contain fiberglass insulation inside the panel both of which can contain harmful VOC’s when heated

XMark  The average life span of an aluminum panel is 10,000 hrs

XMark  Due to the heating core being larger the panels require more amps at start up and use more energy to run.

XMark  Aluminum panels also come with either a glass or ceramic face which prohibits the effective range of the wavelength to less than 10’