Frequently Asked Questions This varies according to your space and the type of heater you choose. Our design specialists can determine exactly what you need for each type of yoga practices you offer.

Each space will need an alternate heat source to keep the room at room temperature when the infrared heaters are not heating a class. For the hotter temperatures desired in some yoga styles (Bikram), you may want an additional heater to get the initial room temperature up quickly; however, as infrared heats objects, you will find as students come into the room, the temperatures will rise nicely and your practices just what they need to be.
This is totally dependent upon the style of yoga you are teaching. Please see our page where we discuss heating temperatures for each style of yoga. Keep in mind that your room temperatures with infrared heat will be lower than what you’ve had to use previously with traditional heating methods due to the single best method of infrared heating objects and not the air.
We’ve found that our yoga panels in the studio at Heat to Heal™ can run easily for two or three hours. It’s helpful to turn the heat off in between classes for a few minutes.
We recommend that you keep the ceiling height below 9 feet tall. The closer that the yoga panels are to the body the better.
Our installation specialists will determine a basic quote for you on your first phone or site visit and then determine a final job quote within one or two days. Most orders are easily filled within one or two weeks as we keep a large supply of yoga panels in stock. Individual time frames will vary for your studio project according to your electrician and construction timetable.
A typical 1,000 square foot studio in British Columbia costs between $1.00-1.50 per hour to heat. Your costs may vary according to square footage and actual hydro rates for your province or state.
Our installation specialists will determine your power supply when estimating your job.
Painting of yoga panels is not recommended as the burning off of the paint will produce environmental toxins that you do not want to subject your students to during their yoga classes. However, we offer two styles that will fit with your décor (wood panel with black heaters or all white). We can also offer you mirrored infrared heating panels – please ask your installation specialist when they estimate your job about the colours and styles of panels.
Absolutely!! Our design specialists work closely with you on all stages of your project to ensure that your yoga studio has the perfect infrared heat!