Converting a room for Hot Yoga at Home

Yoga Panels are designed to be added to any type of ceiling in any size of room. This allows you to build your own custom Far Infrared Yoga Studio in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

You can install Yoga Panels to:

  • Convert a garage into a far infrared hot Yoga Studio
  • Convert a spare room into a personal Hot Yoga space
  • Convert a basement into a Hot Yoga Studio for personal or commercial use
  • Add far infrared to your existing Home Yoga Room


Yoga Panels are therapeutic far infrared emitters and can be installed in any home fitness room or home therapy room application. Our true far infrared emitting Yoga Panels can be used to:

  • Add far infrared heat to your home gym
  • Add far infrared heat to an at home spin room
  • Incorporate far infrared heat above a massage therapy bed
  • Enhance a chiropractic treatment room with far infrared heat
  • Add therapeutic grade far infrared comfort to any setting


How to Install Yoga Panels in your home

A certified electrician is required to install Yoga Panels in your home. The installation process is straightforward for any experienced electrician and is not much different than installing lights. At Yoga Panels we have an in-house electrician, designer and project manager who are available to offer support during the planning and installation process for no additional cost to you beyond the purchase of your Yoga Panels.

We will provide you and your Electrician with:

  • Yoga Panels Installation Guide & Owners Manual
  • Electrical Specification Sheet
  • Professional Panel Layout
  • Technical Support


How to Select an Electrician to install Yoga Panels

We recommend that you get quotes from 3 different local electricians for the installation of your Yoga Panels.  You will need to show them our Electrical Specification Sheet and Installation Manual along with a floor plan of your room. They may need to see your room in person to determine the scope of your project before providing an accurate quote.

Since electrician quotes can vary in price, we recommend getting 3 quotes and selecting your electrician based on a combination of quality and price to insure your Home Yoga Room turns out aesthetically appealing and cost effective.


Yoga Panel Layout Example